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Save Time, Gain Insight

FTQ App provides you the insight you need to act on important quality issues instead of chasing ghosts. ftqapp simplifies defect data collection for your front line team members. Data will point you toward the important issues.

If you want to know who needs attention, which processes are off course and which products are at risk, you need good data, you need ftqapp.

Collect Defect Data
Run Analyses
Schedule Automated Analysis

1. Collect Production and Defect Data

FTQ App is designed from the user's perspective. We make it easy to capture the data, ALL the data. User sessions are set up for the fewest taps and keystrokes possible.

  • Standard Work Instructions and Quality Alerts provide up to the minute information where and when it matters.
  • The standardized defect library helps all users speak the same language.
  • RIFD, Bar code, and QR code scanning improves speed and accuracy.
  • Attach images to an entry to provide important context and scale
  • use tags and comments to gather tribal knowledge into a powerful Standard Work Instruction

2. Run Analysis

  • Get on-demand Pareto charts and heat maps with a few taps
  • Filter your reports to pinpoint the issues that need to be addressed

3. Schedule Analysis

  • Set up automated reporting to keep up to date on emerging quality issues
  • Manage by exception using Max DPU and Notification Triggers
  • Keep all stakeholders in the loop

Quality Manager Dashboard™

  • Monitor the health of your operations with the help of the QM Dashboard
  • The QM Dashboard helps you to understand which of your team members needs support or guidance to resolve issues
  • Identify where your team is having success with up to the minute trend charts

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