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4 Steps To Continuous Improvement

So…you need to figure out a better way to improve the results of your manufacturing process? Are you not meeting your first time quality (ftq) or first time yield (fty) goals? You need data to drive your decisions.

Why do we need data?

Variation in inputs is common and therefore the output or results also have variation. When that variation is outside of your acceptable quality standard, you have a defect. No matter which improvement tool or technique fits your environment best, a consistent requirement is DATA. Without data, you are only guessing at what the problems are and where to invest your time.

4 Step Continuous Improvement Process

  1. Create defect library, data collection forms, start collecting data
  2. Analyze your defect data using Pareto Charts and Heat Maps
  3. Plan and execute corrective actions
  4. Measure results, repeat the process

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